About Pain to Performance Solutions

The clinic’s focus at Pain to Performance Solutions is to improve how you move, reduce your pain, resolve injuries, and improve your sports performance. There are several issues to consider when you have pain, injuries, and sports performance issues because the body is very complex and it’s like peeling the layers of an onion. Is it acute, chronic, is it a past or current injury, is there a decreased range of motion, decreased flexibility, and mobility issues? Is there a neurological connection between inhibited myoskeletal elements versus facilitated elements? Has the inflammation affected your other body systems?

Having minor to significant dysfunction to the way you move can be very stressful and can wreak havoc in your life affecting you at home, socially, at work, exercising, and more. Realistically these aliments normally cannot be resolved so quickly because by the time you feel the pain it has already been there for ten years. Your body might have also developed inflammation that can penetrate your other bodily systems.

At Pain to Performance Solutions (PTPS); utilization of a number of innovative techniques that are neurological based manual movement therapies that will work to release your pain, fire up inhibited muscles, relax facilitated muscles, combat inflammation, increase your range of motion, increase your flexibility,  improve your mobility, decrease your soreness, rehabilitate past injuries, prevent injuries, improve your sports performance and help you lose weight. Your wellness goals are a top priority and would be honored to share with you how we can achieve that together.

Neuro-based Bodywork 

We are evidence-informed! There is a science to neurological based bodywork. Experience the science behind neuro-based solutions at Pain to Performance. Providing only high caliber services that will be conducive to your individual body’s makeup and medical situation. Utilizing in-depth study and knowledge, posture analysis, static, movement and palpation assessments, light muscle testing, a localized stimulus to the area of dysfunction, manual therapy, and movement therapy. The focus is to facilitate the healing of acute, sub-acute pain, acute pain, chronic pain, unresolved injuries, sport performance issues, and other symptoms. Neuro-based bodywork is also effective at addressing soreness, stiffness, and tight muscles within the soft tissue.  Various styles of Neuro based bodywork is used.

Read more on our main specialty: Bodywork Using NeuroKinetic Therapy  Neurokinetic Therapy Service

There are a few none-neuro based bodywork therapies offered which consist of lymphatic drainage, sports massage, and instrument-assisted.

PTPS Clinic Agenda

The goal is not to just get you in and out, our goal is to build a long-term professional therapeutic relationship with you that will benefit your needs and bring value to you as a client. We strive to bring the amazing healing and relaxation benefits of regular neuro-based massage and bodywork therapy to you in a way that you can best utilize. The ultimate agenda is for you to achieve healthy muscle tissue, pain-free body balance, and mind-body wellness. Find out more and how we do this at Pain to Performance Solutions.

Pain to Performance Solutions Location

Located just minutes from Seattle, Pain to Performance Solutions is a Bellevue manual movement clinic where you can be seen for traditional therapeutic massage, clinical massage therapy, Eastern bodywork, auto injury-PIP, and Washington State Labor & Industry (injured worker) cases. PTPS is an advanced boutique retreat that offers clinical-level services, the best of both worlds. You are going to love it!

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COVID-19 Notice

We are an essential health care provider in Washington State and are legally open and following all government mandates for cleaning, disinfecting, sanitation and PPE for increased protection against the virus and the spread of the virus.

If you’re ready to get on the path to feeling better in a safe and clean environment, contact us today. We are taking new clients and look forward to helping you live pain free.