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Alexis Kurtzman LMT NKT (Level 3) MMP (Intraoral Endorsement) CES CPT RYT200 has been a bodyworker since 2009 and has dedicated her practice to bringing you innovative pain relief techniques. In addition, Alexis is a professional line dancer that dances on the Boot Boogie Babes Seattle dance team and performs all over Seattle proper. You can catch her Tuesday nights online during her live team practices and Thursdays were she is a certified lead dance instructor and assists as a dance assistant teaching line dancing at local line dancing boot camp.

Originally, she started her first practice like most massage therapists. Clients would come in, and she would treat the area of complaint. Although she could help with pain, soreness, lack of range of motions, or stress, she ultimately found this was not effective for most because clients would come back in with the same complaint.

Even though she won awards year after year, had excellent training, extensive continuing education, numerous certifications, she was still treating the symptom and not the cause. 

In 2014 she decided to hop down the rabbit hole and started studying neurological bodywork.

Alexis took all levels of NKT over a two-year period, which goes after the root cause for resolving the dysfunction in the body instead of masking it. She quickly integrated NKT with existing methods of Neuro Bodywork for maximum effective corrections.

In 2019, she started using state of the art technology and methods along with certified personal training, corrective exercise, yoga therapy, weight loss, infrared imaging, and Posturology to integrate with Neuro based Bodywork for maximum effective results that last.

While she still is a licensed massage therapist through her education and training, she is far from a traditional “cookie cutter” one, and for good reason.

Alexis offers you a more advanced style of neurological-based bodywork that is unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

She invites you to read more on the website to see if this is right for you. Please feel free to call, text or e-mail, and she would be happy to discuss how she can help you. If you are ready to get started with your investment in yourself, use the link to book online.

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Alexis Kurtzman’s Credentials 

Alexis Kurtzman was trained and graduated from the Avalon School of Massage Therapy 500 hour program and holds a Washington State Licensed Massage Therapist license (LMT).

Alexis is also active with AMTA and also maintains a certified level professional membership with them.

She has taken extensive advanced continuing education classes in various massage therapy and bodywork types to provide you with superior knowledge, talent, and skills.

Her elite eastern bodywork training and certifications in numerous advanced massage styles give you the confidence of quick, effective relief of your symptoms. 

In combination with her ability and knowledge, her massage bodywork sessions qualify her to work on all kinds of injuries, accidents, medical conditions, and rehabilitation work.

Alexis Kurtzman constantly pursues research in advanced evidenced-based integrative massage-bodywork therapy for you. Every day, she is in a constant quest for learning the latest advancements in neurological-based bodywork, additional knowledge, and new skills in order to help you achieve healthy muscle tissue and body balance.

Alexis’s goal is that you can live a pain-free life through the healing and relaxation benefits of regular massage therapy and bodywork.

Acknowledgments – Awards

Best Massage Therapy 2015    Best Massage Therapy 2014    Best Massage Therapy 2013    Best Massage Therapist 2012