Therapy For Pain Relief From Invisible Inflammation

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Therapy For Pain Relief From Invisible Inflammation. Brain synapsis.

What is Invisible Inflammation?

Therapy For Pain Relief From Invisible Inflammation: Invisible inflammation is an immunological defense mechanism in your body that helps protect you from diseases which can cause parasites, viruses and bacteria in your body. We actually need inflammation most of the time, without it we could die. The problem happens when this wonderful immune mechanism that is there to protect us goes on overdrive and will not turn off. Sadly, this can happen for various reasons.

Some of these reasons that cause an overproduction of inflammation can be genetic, your born with or it’s in your family history. Others can be self-inflicted, like overeating, eating processed foods, drinking, smoking and drug abuse. In addition; overproduction of inflammation can come from systemic diseases, colds, flu, viruses, bacteria, skin issues, allergies, injuries, surgeries, too much working out, not enough working out, cholesterol, heart attacks, strokes, Alzheimer, cancer and menopause. There are many more conditions causing inflammation that we could list here, but the critical importance is that inflammation is a temporary protective mechanism for your body and only becomes a chronic problem when it goes on overdrive nonstop.

When inflammation goes on overdrive one can start to feel very badly with possible symptoms of stress, fatigue, weakness, pain, tightness, lack of mobility, irritability, lack of sleep, tired, depressed, weight gain, bloated, skin issues,  injuries, onset of diseases and much more. It is as if the body is self-cannibalizing and attacking itself allowing the inflammation to penetrate the emotional system, lymphatic system, gut, nervous system, vascular system, organs, muscles and fascia.

Here are some scientific article links that discuss inflammation and how it can wreak havoc on the body.


Where many Dr’s are at their wits end on how to help, where to begin to solve the problem, or it’s been overlooked or ignored. We now can thank Richard Eaton who is the inventor of Biotech, Quanta and  Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy (ANF). These companies use a  NASA patented material that was developed for monitoring astronaut’s health and made it available for healthcare providers to use on their clients and patients.  The patches are discs  made out of 28.4 % pure metal, hypoallergenic and FDA approved. The discs work on decreasing the undesirable amount of inflammation throughout the body, they also work to optimize every single muscle group, organ, production of hormones, antibodies, improve strength, endurance and your mental focus. When we decrease the overabundance of inflammation hiding throughout the body, it is amazing how we can feel and what we can achieve. Read further to understand how this new emerging holistic treatment can not only provide you relief from invisible inflammation but also can increase your sports performance.

Who is Using These Pain Discs for therapy

A wide variety of world wide medical health professionals and trainers have been using these disc’s since they emerged in the wellness arena in 2015. Since Richard Eaton is from the USA this is where they were first seen and used with Nasa only. Medical professional from Europe and Canada along with other countries caught on to this amazing new technology through Richars and are also now using it in their clinics. The United States was the last marketplace to catch on but we can thank Dr Perry Nichelston for that as he taught and certified numerous therapist in this country. Now you can find Sports Doctors, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Personal Trainers, Pilates Instructors, Yoga Therapist and many more, all using this therapy. It is a fast growing treatment and you will start to see it available now in locations it has never been available before.

Here is a small list of medical professionals or athletes using the Therapy.

  • Dr Jon Porman
  • 2014 FIFA World Cup Champions – Germany
  • Marijo Moznik – Red Bull athlete, World Champion, Gymnastics, Croatia
  • Charlotte Schonbeck – Runner, Swedish National Team
  • Tererai Trent – Author and Speaker
  • Select elite number of medical practitioners and therapist worldwide

How Does the Therapy Work

Therapy For Pain Relief From Invisible Inflammation. ANF Therapy Disc's

The Therapy works by using removable frequency discs-patches you apply to the skin of the body to address the areas of invisible inflammation. The discs have a built in frequency that is released and emitted into you through the skin. There are approximately 102 different discs, each having a different frequency. The discs are activated through your own internal heat and send these different levels of frequencies to the neurons in your body. The nervous system then picks up these messages from the neurons and allows the start of the body to self-heal and regulate what is needed for wellness at a cellular level. There are no known about side effects from using the therapy discs and they will not compromise any prescription medicine or supplements you are on and their effectiveness. They are safe for anyone to use, unless you are getting chemotherapy or radiation because one would already be feeling badly that you would not want to go through any added detox. There are no drugs, chemicals nor machines, the therapy is 100% holistic.

This scientific article on the human body and frequency really explains how the Therapy works.  Frequency, DNA And The Human Body

What Can Be Treated With This Therapy?

Therapy For Pain Relief From Invisible Inflammation. ANF Therapy Disc's.

Pain, acute pain, sub acute pain, chronic pain, back pain, sciatica, stomach/intestinal issues, inflammation, swelling,  edema, Lymphedema, migraine/headache, muscle/joint problems, hypersensitivity,  stiff neck, unexplained pain, skin problem, tendinitis, strains, tears, soft tissue injuries, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, frozen shoulder, lumbar pain, herniated disc, fascia injuries, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, Fibromyalgia, stress, anxiety, thyroid issues, lymphatic issues, nervous system disorders, immune disorders, allergies, blood pressure issues, ADD, ADHD, insomnia, fatigue, tiredness, mental focus, hormonal issues and it has also been known to help with menopause, Lyme disease and Parkinson’s. There are many more symptoms it can holistically help and more that are being studied.

What is involved in a session?

Therapy For Pain Relief From Invisible Inflammation. Thermal scan of face.

There are four phases involved in this Therapy, phase 1, 2, 3 and 4.  Phase 1: Holistic Injury Treatment, Phase 2: In-depth Focus Phase, Phase 3: Regeneration Phase, and Phase 4: Maintenance Phase: A healthy body in balance.

Phase 1: Holistic Injury Treatment is where we apply the discs as quickly as possible to address the inflammation to reduce the pain being caused either locally or systemically. We are looking at the whole body at this time and not just locally. How long this may take varies depending on if the inflammation is local or systemic, how your body responds and how you are taking care of listening to what you need. Medications can slow down the effectiveness of the treatment resulting in variable treatment duration.

Phase 2: In-depth Focus Phase is when the inflammation is showing major improvements and the number of discs being applied is reduced. The focus now will be moved to a more in-depth treatment of various acute or chronic areas. Pains may start to shift to other areas now because you could not previously feel them due to the primary area being the major source of pain.

Phase 3: Regeneration Phase is when the undesirable inflammation has been removed, allowing for the proper regeneration of the muscle tissues. At this time we can start adding in training for the desired area and your whole body. If you push yourself above the pain threshold and do not listen to your body, you may experience a setback with undesirable inflammation returning.

Phase 4: Maintenance Phase: A healthy body in balance is when the injury treatment has ended and you are experiencing no more pain. The areas are now normalized with the proper cellular frequency needed by each component of the body for wellness.  It is important at this stage to support your immune system  in order to reduce the chances of the injuries returning or developing new one. Following a maintenance program of bodywork treatments and discs will reduce your risk.

At the Pain To Performance Solutions a thorough full body assessment is done and preferable if time permits. We are assessing the lymph and nerves of the body for invisible inflammation hidden throughout that can cause not only pain but many other issues. Infrared pictures are also taken to see were the invisible inflammation is hiding and to monitor progress. Some people will have tons of inflammation with no pain which is affecting other areas of their lives. From here a plan of course is decided on what is most important to the client and a selections of discs are decided on to achieve optimal results and effects.

The dics can be integrated with other modalities and works very well with NKT. Depending on time available, bodywork may or may not be done.

How Long Does It Take to Work?

The goal is for you to leave the clinic with zero pain, we select the number of discs necessary to achieve this. Pain and inflammation takes 10 years to be felt, everyone is unique so depending on the issues it could take 2-3 sessions or it could take possible up to 6 months or longer if systemic. It is hard to say exactly because each body responds differently.

The biggest challenge I see with a few clients; is where they expect results or corrections in 1-3 sessions and or they say it either did not work or they felt nothing? The probability and the realism is that if it has been there for a while it is a chronic issue and is going to take time. There also can sometimes be more than one underlying factor contributing to a person not feeling well or it can be systemic. I have more than a ton of clients who rave about this therapy and have had excellent quick result and ask for them as soon as they walk in.

The other challenge I see is when clients do not stay hydrated or drink enough water while the disk are on them. It kind of sucks and is a chore to drink 1-2 glasses an hour but the end results are well worth the inconvenience. Hydration is extremely important for wellness since are bodies are made mostly of H2O and especially important when using these therapy discs.

While using the therapy discs if you drink any coffee, caffeine or alcohol, you will need to add an additional glass of water per cup of what you drank due to the dehydration effects of those items.

How Many Disc Do I Need?

Therapy For Pain Relief From Invisible Inflammation. Amino Therapy.

Again it is hard to say, some clients only need 4 to 5 discs and others need 10-20. The more the invisible inflammation is systemic; has affected your lymph and gut system, the more you will need. I have had some clients walk out with relief from 10 disc and others needed over 30.

How Long Do They Last?

Therapy For Pain Relief From Invisible Inflammation. Sticker.

You were them for 72 hours minimum. If you take them off prior to 72 hours you will not benefit from the full effects? I have some clients who say they wore them for 5 days and still felt relief.

Natural Detox Effects

When the body starts to eliminate biochemical waste products some clients experience detox. Some client experience no detox at all, I experience very little and only my 1st time. As you wear the discs the effects of any detox diminishes. The most common detox effect that I have received feedback on is, itching at the area and redness. This is normal and will pass. This is the body healing with in. If you experience this detox effect; as you continue with the treatment this goes away as your inflammation in your body decreases.

Other detox symptoms that might be felt but will pass as the body neutralizes to the proper frequency are, headache, dizziness, feeling light headed, fatigued, tired, sleepy, dry mouth, thirsty, skin reactions, light flu-like symptoms, runny nose, and general discomfort.

Eventually, some clients start to feel so fantastic that they think they do not need their prescription medicines or supplements anymore. Never stop taking any prescription medicine with out first consulting your medical Doctor.

How Much Does It Cost?

My rates are $120 an hour and the 1st session is suggested 90 minutes for the type of therapy. The discs are $4 a disc in addition to the session fee. Please see my website for more detailed pricing; the program of care fees, which can save you money on the session fee. All clients will have one time they can purchase the starter “Therapeutic Program of Care”..

The therapy disc cost is an investment into your health; we are not just treating your symptoms but using innovative technology to get to the root of your pain-dysfunction, holistically without drugs. Staying ill, not feeling well and becoming addicted to drugs is not something most people want. Making that decision to make the investment into your wellness really comes down to how deep is your bucket of inflammation and how much is it effecting your life. Have you been everywhere with no lasting results? I am happy to answer any further questions about it.

Are you ready to get started and book a session?

Alexis trained through Steve Moratto of Perform Better Health & Rehab. Steve is an official instructor for this Therapy.