Ashiatsu Deep Tissue Massage

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Ashiatsu Deep Tissue Massage. Therapist massaging patient with feet.

If you’re seeking a Deep Tissue massage on steroids, that’s the Ashiatsu Deep Tissue Massage. It’s the ultimate massage for the deep tissue junky that can never get enough pressure. Ashiatsu Deep Tissue Massage is known as Ashiatsu Deepfeet in the massage industry and was originally called Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy when it was first created by Ruthi Hardee. It’s also referred to as Barefoot Massage and its tag line is, “the deepest most luxurious massage on the planet”. It truly is and here’s why you will become addicted!

Where did this incredible treatment originate?

It started in the Asian countries of Japan and China, but was quite different from what it has become today. Originally Ashiatsu was more than just a massage, it was an ancient form of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It took years of study to become proficient in delivering this protocol since it dealt with more than just receiving a massage. In addition, the therapist used both hands and feet while the recipient was fully clothed lying on a mat.

There are many other forms of Barefoot Massage around the world, originating in other countries; including India, Thailand, Korea, the Philippines, and even the United States. Some are done on a mat, some use bamboo, some a pole, some a rope, and some are performed while the recipient sits on a chair.

However, the creator of Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy took a blend of everything and created her own unique system. Using overhead bars for balance, the therapist uses only their feet, while the receiver of the massage lies on a massage table, rather than a mat.

So what makes Ashiatsu Deep Tissue so unique, and why do so many deep tissue massage junkies love it?

Instead of the therapist using fingers, hands and elbows, a broader tool is used. The feet only! The reason this is much nicer is that if you have any amount of tightness, limited range of motion, muscular adhesions and fascia restrictions, you may also have some degree of pain. If the massage therapist is poking their finger and elbows into the area where you’re hurting, it will not be the most comfortable sensation, due to the smaller circumference being used.

Now, imagine the massage therapist using their feet where it hurts to get down to the deeper layers; this will feel very nice and relaxing because the pressure is spread out. The therapist can now access the deeper layers of muscles which were previously not possible without some degree of discomfort and pain.

Ashiatsu Deep Tissue Massage. Therapist massaging patient with feet.

Another thing that’s amazing is that you can do more than just a deep tissue massage this way. You can apply Trigger Point Therapy using the toes and heel of the foot and also Myofascial Release in certain areas using both feet. The therapist who uses both feet has the highest level of training and can administer it safely to the client. Depending on the client and the therapist, the amount of lotion used can make the massage a more relaxing Swedish massage, or an acupressure massage. You can even add in some compression and stretching for a Thai massage.

Ashiatsu is extremely versatile depending on the amount of lotion being applied and how the foot strokes are being used. The client never has to worry about too much weight from the therapist standing on them. A therapist trained by Deepfeet takes all health and safety measures into consideration prior to the start of the massage. Remember the therapist only holds onto the bars above for balance to apply the perfect amount of pressure.

So who is Ashiatsu good for?

It is great for anyone and everyone, unless you have certain serious pre existing medical issues. It’s really amazing for larger people, professional athletes, amateur athletes, athletes who do triathlons, runners, bikers, golfers, bodybuilders, skiers, crossfitters, and everyone else alike. If you have not tried an Ashiatsu Deep Tissue Massage, it really is a worthwhile experience. Almost everyone loves it; in fact, few ever go back to traditional hand massage. Can you see yourself on that heated table with the therapist surfing across your back and legs? Massage has never felt that good, and that’s what it’s all about; feel good, increase range of motion, reduce pain, release tightness, and improve healing with an Ashiatsu Deep Tissue Massage. Oh yes, I am a happy camper with Ashiatsu, I am addicted to it and I have never felt so good!

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