CDC Mask Announcement

Woman with face mask standing in park.

CDC MASK ANNOUNCEMENT: The CDC announced that you could remove your mask if fully vaccinated. Unfortunately, this does not apply to healthcare providers, healthcare facilities, hospitals (licensed healthcare provider or healthcare facility are governed by The WA St Department of Health). Even though Governor Inslee dropped the mask mandate it does not apply to health care workers and healthcare facilities.

Proclamation 20-24.2: All healthcare providers, healthcare facilities, and hospitals fall under Proclamation 20-24.2 and are still required to wear masks; both for staff, patients and we must also still follow COVID 19 protocols. Governor Inslee will eventually be announcing what will happen for us, whether we will be required to continue with masks, no masks, and other COVID 19 protocols. Unfortunitly due to the varienst it is unlikely this will happen anytime soon.

So, unfortunately, until the Governor announces changes from WA STATE Department of Health for Proclamation 20-24.2 in regards to masks, MASKS are still required. As soon as the DOH changes Proclamation 20-24.2, I will let you know, and then masks requirements will be optional if there is no public health emergency mask mandate. Until then, we are still required to do the extra public health emergency protocols.

Availability: PTPS is booking out between 4-8 weeks in advance. We encourage you to please think about pre-scheduling your sessions so not only can you get in, but you can get your time you want. Especially if you are a pain and a post-surgery patient, because you may need 1-3 sessions a week. Also any post plastic surgery recovery work should be booked at time you schedule your surgery inorder to make sure you have sessions confirmed. We usually have very few if any same day or same week sessions.

Waitlist: sign up for the waitlist on Jane APPor text me your full name, cell and email and I can add you for the type of session you need.

Services: Unsure what to book for?

I will simplify it for you here.

Pre/Post Surgery – Plastic Surgery: Mild Lymphatic Drainage 1st and then Neurokinetic Therapy for the scars and getting the muscles back to functioning properly.

Pain: Neurokinetic Therapy or Touch for Health

Sore: Customized Bodywork, deep tissue, Neuromuscular, or others

Emotional Distress-Stress: Touch for Health or relaxation

CANCELATION AND RESCHEDULE POLICY CHANGE: Please give at least 72 hours notice for all cancelation and reschedules to avoid a full charge. We understand sometimes emergencies come up, and we will take into consideration what the situation is if one does not give at least 72 hour notice. We understand that this is more than what other places require and understand you may not like this. We hope you will understand that we have had issues filling spots that have been canceled or rescheduled with 48-24 or less notice, and this has left patients who need a session waiting. We wish we could be able to fill sessions with 48-24 hours or less, but unfortunately, this has been an issue since we are normally with patients. NO Show No Calls will always be a full charge no matter what.

Closed Dates:

  • All national holidays are closed, Christmas through the New Year, New Years Day, Thanksgiving weekend, Memorial weekend, July 4th weekend, and Labor Day weekend.
  • Any continuing education I may have to attend, dates will be announced.
  • Vacations

If you need to book a session, use the link above. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me via email. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Thank you,
Alexis Kurtzman
Pain to Performance Solutions

Massage Therapy, Bodywork, Corrective Exercise, Manual & Movement Therapy, Manual & Assisted Lymphatic Drainage, Pre & Post Surgical Lymphatic Drainage, NeuroKinetic Therapy, Touch For Health, and Much Mor

COVID-19 Notice

The Therapist at PTPS has been fully vacinated for COVID 19 since Feb 6th 2021 and is an essential healthcare provider in Washington State. PTPS is legally open and following all government mandates (WA ST Governer, WA ST Health Department and the CDC) for cleaning, disinfecting, sanitation and PPE to increase your protection against the virus and to help stop the spread. We are taking extra steps to ensure the cleanliness of the facility. Changes have been implemented to protect both the patients and the staff. Daily protocols for this are in place. For an overview of what is being done please go to the new patient healthform were it is listed.

If you’re ready to get on the path to feeling better in a safe and clean environment, contact us today. We are taking new clients and look forward to helping you live pain free.