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Contact us anytime! Feel free to reach out by email, text message or give us a call. We are happy to discuss your situation with you prior. We know going to a new place can be uncomfortable at times and you work hard for you money. So, we are glad to discuss if we are the right fit for you or not so you don’t waste your hard earned cash. Even though our speciality is neurological based bodywork, we customized each session to each client. We can adjust and create based on what is best for you. We may feel another type of treatment is better but we can meet you where you are at and what you feel you are capable of doing. We offer a wide variety of services that are non pharmaceutical for pain management, injury resolution and improved sports performance. Some items we may not have listed so not to overwhelm you with choices.

I can assure you though that if you keep an open mind regarding the type of work we do and think outside the box, I can assure you that you will achieve greater results then with traditional bodywork and massage. We are not miracle workers but will do all we can to get you feeling better with as little sessions as possible. Amount of sessions needed to get you feeling better quickly varies on age, work, chronic or acute and other internal variables. We will do our best for you!

We have been in business for 11 years and we have hundreds of reviews all over the web. These are all personal experiences of working with PTPS and Alexis Kurtzman. Most clients say she is not only extremely informative but they learn alot about their bodies from her. She is also  cares greatly about here clients!!!

A longitudinal study of work-related injuries: comparisons of health

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