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COVID – 19 Forms

COVID 19 FormsPTPS COVID -19 Forms: We are currently able to see non urgent care.

We request that you please submit these forms a minimum of 24-48 hours prior to your schedule visit. All Rx forms must be filled out by your physician and faxed backed to us. All other additional COVID 19 forms, please fill out here and submit back to PTPS through the electronic format. Depending if it is urgent care or not, what phase we are in, approval for a schedule session will be made after receiving all forms. If you are not approved, we will contact you right away.

If King County reverts back to urgent care only, a determination of whether or not your session meets the criteria for urgent care will be made. No urgent care will be offered with out a prescription with diagnosis.

COVID-19 PTPS Urgent Prescription Form (For New and Existing Clients)

Covid 19 Cleaning and Item Checklist Form (For Review Only) To be filled out at the office at time of session.

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