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Fascia Blasting: Professional IASTM Benefits

Fascia Blasting. Massage table in foreground with tools in front.

Fascia Blasting – you may or may not have heard of the term, but it takes only a quick Google search to figure out its popularity.
While on the surface, fascia blasting may appear as a gimmick to some, you only need to do a bit of research to see why it’s not true.
Fascia blasting, a ‘movement’ developed and led by Ashley Black is based on the age-old practice of IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization).
And its purpose is to ease muscle pain, improve joint function, flexibility, circulation, nerve activity, muscle definition, and get rid of cellulite.
All these functions with the use of ONE device – the Fascia Blaster!

Fascia Blasting. Massage table with tools.

Does it sound too good to be true?
It’s not. And in this guide, we’re going to explain why.
What is IASTM?
To understand how fascia blasting works, we need to look into the functioning of IASTMInstrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization is a clinical process in which a set of hand-held tools are used to break down scar tissue and fascial restriction in muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascias, and nerve, which compose the ‘soft tissues.’
Once the clinician detects the affected areas, they make use of hand-held instruments to inflict controlled micro-trauma. The purpose of inflicting micro-trauma is to incite a strong inflammatory response. This, in turn, initiates reabsorption of scar tissue and sparks a chain of healing effects.
A patient who might have developed soft tissue adhesions as a result of immobilization, strain, or surgery will be able to function once again due to the breaking down of those adhesions. Or in other words, you’ll be cured of your physical ailments once the soft tissue breaks free of its restrictive factors.

Fascia Blasting. Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization tool

How does a fascia blaster work?
A fascia blaster utilizes the core elements of IASTM and gives you the liberty to perform the treatment at home. No need for multiple hand-held devices or trips to the clinic. And all you have to is rub this tool all over your body. Its primary function is performed by the claw-like protrusions, combing through the fascia and loosening restrictions.

Benefits of IASTM

1.     Fast Recovery from physical injuries
Sports injuries are known to affect soft tissues such as ligaments, tendons, and muscles, causing pain and even crippled mobility. At a time like this, IASTM techniques can be used to treat impairments related to musculoskeletal pathology and aid in the healing of the soft tissues.
When you apply a stimulus to an injured soft tissue, the number of fibroblasts and fibronectin increases along with their activity through localized inflammation. This facilitates a realignment and synthesis of collagen, which is one of the proteins that compose the extracellular matrix.
Some researchers have even concluded that IASTM can improve joint range of motion (ROM) and enhance soft tissue function. The results of these studies go on to prove how effective IASTM can be for treatment and rehabilitation of both ordinary people and athletes having sports injuries.

Fascia Blasting. Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization tool

2. Eliminating cellulite
The appearance of cellulite is a matter of great concern to most women. It is caused by vertical fascia ligaments within fat that are tethered to our skin.
Unhealthy fascia not only creates the restrictions on adhesions on soft tissues but also develops hideous cellulite. Besides, it holds onto hormones stored in our body fat that might make it difficult for you to lose weight.
Unfortunately, there aren’t many forms of treatment that can 100% guarantee results. However, IASTM-Fascia Blasting Therapy has shown reasonable potential to be the next big thing in cellulite treatment.
Since this treatment has an effect of creating immediate but temporary swelling, it can create the illusion of a cellulite less body.
While research is yet to confirm if fascia blasting can indeed rollaway fat deposits and consumer cellulite, anecdotal evidence indeed points towards the positive.

Fascia Blasting. Before and after of legs.

3. Weight Loss
One of the significant hurdles that prevent people from losing weight lies on a cellular level. Believe it or not, restriction of fascia not only causes bodily injuries and decreased mobility, but also makes it harder for anyone to shed fat.
When fascia gets tight, it prevents an adequate amount of oxygenated blood to flow to the muscles and tissues.
And this prevents the fat cells from breaking down as they do not get the required level of oxygen.
IASTM can help you lose weight by restoring healthy blood flow and allowing more oxygen to reach the fat cells. Moreover, improved blood flow will also mean additional transport of collagen, protein, and elastin to make your skin supple.

How professionals use fascia blasting to treat clients

IASTM has been around for centuries. This technique comes from a traditional Chinese medicine called Gua Sha. While Gua Sha was mostly about moving “bad chi” out, rather than treating musculoskeletal conditions, its contemporary version through the use of a fascia blaster can do so much more.
Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, performed using a fascia blaster or any other steel or plastic tools, is gaining a lot of popularity because of its effectiveness. Professionals use fascia blasting to cure their clients of many ailments.
Even though Ashley Black promotes the use of a fascia blaster at home, a device such as this in the hands of experts can be even more useful. Most spas and clinics begin with a warm-up session in which they heat your body in one of their infrared body wraps-mats. After it’s done, your body will be lathered up in oil to facilitate greater penetration.
The clinician will then proceed to blast your body, focusing on the sections of most significant concern.
Professionals know exactly how much pressure to apply and to which parts of the body. They’re also acutely aware which direction the fascia blaster should be rubbed. It will take a specific number of sessions for you to see results, so be patient.

Fascia Blasting. Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization tool

The results

You don’t necessarily have to wait till all the sessions are complete to see results. You may notice the effects in the form of lessening of muscle pain, cramps, and less visibility of cellulite in just one session.
With so many people around the world endorsing IASTM-Fascia Blasting Therapy, you have zero reasons not to try it out!