Therapy For L&I Injured Workers 

  • 6 Visits Are Covered
  • Avoid Further Damage to Your Body
Injured Worker holding her back at computer

Therapy For L&I Injured Workers 

  • 6 Visits Are Covered
  • Avoid Further Damage to Your Body

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Why Should I Use L&I Insurance for Massage Therapy?

Nothing can be more frustrating than getting injured at work. The good news is that if you are injured on the job you can benefit from L&I insurance.

Effects from workplace injuries include stress, lack of sleep, pain, limited range of motion, and of course inability to properly perform your job.

It is very important not to wait and report the injury immediately to your company and L&I.

If you wondering about the scientific benefits of massage, here is a link with articles on the proven benefits of massage therapy.

How can I use L&I Insurance for Massage Therapy?

After you see your Doctor, you can receive an Rx for Medical Rehabilitation Massage. L&I does not cover maintenance or relaxation massage.

Usually, the Rx you receive will include 6 treatments. We want to make sure that further damage is not done to your body – so act quickly. 

We have an awesome online tool for you to be able to schedule an appointment with us. Make sure to have your Rx handy. You can fax, email, or text it to us.

We also have a handy form that you can print and bring to your doctor’s appointment for him or her to fill out.

Prescription Form For Treatment

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