Massage Therapy for Glampers

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Massage Therapy for Glampers. Out door Massage bed.

Massage Therapy For Glampers! Alexis Kurtzman LMP NKT AMMP of Pain To Performance Solutions in Bellevue, WA. provided massage therapy –  bodywork to Girl Scouts of Western Washington for “Glamp Weekend” in Carnation, Wa. September 10, 2016. These was not your typical Girl Scouts glampers, these were adult woman. Some Girls Scouts and some not, but all glampers. All the glampers put up a nice amount of money to raise funds to send young Girls Scouts to summer camp.

Massage Therapy for Glampers. Outdoors

The Girl Scout camp, Camp River Ranch in Carnation, Wa. is beautiful with untouched woods, lakes and nature surrounding it. It is amazingly relaxing and gorgeous and the perfect place to provide massage therapy for glampers.

Alexis joined in with other local massage therapists to provide massages therapy for the glampers. Alexis did not have her portable Ashiatsu bars, so she retro fitted the structure to make it work and provided Ashiatsu, Ashi-Thai and Barefoot Shiatsu to the glampers. That past architecture career sure came in handy at the right time.

Massage Therapy for Glampers. Out door Massage bed.

The glampers had numerous other activities, like boating, tie dye, pasta making, facials, happy hour and of course great food. All located at Camp River Ranch in Carnation, Wa. It was amazing fun. So much fun that Alexis is torn, she wants to be a glamper next year.

This was Alexis’s 2nd year participating and glad she could make a difference and provide some relaxation and pain relief for the participants. Yes there was a badge for this!!!

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