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Orthopedic Bodywork

Orthopedic Bodywork that is symptom specific and plays a huge role in the function of your body systems for pain, rehab and sports performance.

TMJ/TMD Orofacial Massage: Suffering from TMJ/TMD pain, orofacial pain, jaw pain, temporalis pain, neck pain, forehead pain, headaches, airway pain, tongue posture dysfunction, anxiety, clenching, posture pain and more?  This service focuses on the dysfunction caused by the temporomandibular joint and its surrounding jaw muscles, other muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue. These elements not only can effect the jaw area but can have a negative impact at other locations in your muscular system causing you pain, rehab issues and decreased sport performance. In addition, other body systems  can also present in the dysfunction depending of your level of the TMD dysfunction. There are three categories; acute irritation of the joint capsule, chronic myofascial long term TMD and complex chronic TMD with psychological-social triggers. These levels are address in the session so that elements for a successful recovery are not missed and you do not continue to suffer. We treat the soft tissue and give myo-functional retaining so you have a high chance of the dysfunction not returning.

Scar Therapy:  This is a service that treats the underlying scar tissue below the epidermis, dermis and deep fascia that can inhibit sports performance, muscles function, lack of pain resolution and inability to fully rehab. It does not matter if the scar is 30 years old, it can still be dysfunctional and causing you issues.

Hand and Feet Therapy:  These are two separate services either arms or legs. This service deals with the forearms, hands, lower legs and feet and how they can cause pain, rehab and sports performance issues from either being compensatory or inhibitory, and how they interplay and function with their anatomy train lines. We focus on the flexors, extensors, pronators, supenators, wrist, fingers, ankles and toes and the opposing kinetic chain of muscles, tendons, ligaments and other body systems that can be involved and inabile your path of full healing.

Intraocular Therapy: This service deals with the intraocular eyes muscles and how they can have an huge effect of muscle function through out the muscular system. Eye muscles can inhibit proper function by facilitating and can keep muscles from firing properly causing pain through out the body, stalled rehab recovery and decreased sports performance issues. We do not go into the eye! We work the surround fascia.

Concussion Therapy: This service deals with treating the surrounding muscles that are involved when having a concussion. Not only can the neck muscles be involved but your eye muscles along with hyoid muscles can all play a role in the concussion. We look here for what is facilitating or inhibiting so that we can bring you relief and recovery from the concussion. Years old concussions can still be causing dysfunction in the body.

Pre and post Surgery Therapy: This treatment prepares you for surgery and post surgery. There are a number of different bodywork style or modalities involved. We may need to look at the different body systems to make sure they are all functioning properly together in order to allow your surgery run smoother and bring you a faster recovery.

Pelvic Floor Therapy: The pelvic floor is huge for intra abdominal pressure along with your other intrinsic core muscles, the spinal erectors and the neck flexors. Not only are they involved in the intra abdominal pressure but they can inhibit and facilitated proper function of other muscles throughout your muscular system. Many times poor advice is given to do Kegels or anti Kegels when it is absolutely not appropriate for your body. We use a specialized way to test the quadrants to see if Kegels or anti Kegels are appropriate or not. Many times woman and men have incontinence continue due to being told to do Kegels thinking their pelvic floor was to tight but it was the exact opposite of what they needed.

Postpartum Bodywork: This is the same as pelvic floor work but you are postpartum.

Orthopedic Bodywork and its Effect:

  • Become pain free – results normally in 1-6 sessions
  • Release compensatory muscles
  • Activate under functioning muscles
  • Increase body balance
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Reduce Injuries
  • Reduce hypertonicity

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