Orthopedic Bodywork

  • Become Pain-Free – Results Normally in 1-6 Sessions
  • Releases Compensatory Muscles
  • Activates Under-Functioning Muscles
  • Increases Body Balance
  • Improves Athletic Performance
  • Reduces Injuries
  • Reduces Hypertonicity
Young woman holding jaw suffering from toothache.

Orthopedic Bodywork

  • Become Pain-Free – Results Normally in 1-6 Sessions
  • Releases Compensatory Muscles
  • Activates Under-Functioning Muscles
  • Increases Body Balance
  • Improves Athletic Performance
  • Reduces Injuries
  • Reduces Hypertonicity

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What is Orthopedic Bodywork Therapy?

Orthopedic Bodywork is symptom-specific and plays a huge role in the function of your body systems for pain, rehab, and sports performance.

At Pain to Performance, our Orthopedic Bodywork sessions usually last from 1-6 sessions. At the end of treatment, you can expect relief from pain, increased body balance, improved athletic performance, and reduced future injuries.

Our Orthopedic Bodywork comprises several therapies that target different areas of the body, all designed to get you pain-free and moving again!

How is Orthopedic Bodywork Therapy Performed?

Orthopedic Bodywork is recommended for clients suffering from a range of issues, including TMJ/TMD, scar pain, hand and foot pain, eye pain, concussions, pre and post-surgery issues, and pelvic floor issues.

Why is Orthopedic Bodywork Therapy Right for Me?

TMJ/TMD – Orofacial Massage has been shown to alleviate jaw, neck, forehead, and airway pain. Anxiety, teeth clenching, jaw pain, headaches, and other pains can be reduced or eliminated by Orofacial Massage. Temporal Mandibular Joint/Temporal Mandibular Disorders can contribute to dysfunction in the muscular system by becoming a primary or secondary compensator and inhibiting proper muscle function. Improper muscle function can eventually lead to pain and possible injuries. 

The face also contains many muscles that can become dysfunctional over time and due to trauma. Orofacial Massage treats the soft tissue, which helps with myo-functional retention, which means you have a high chance of the dysfunction not returning.

Scar Therapy:  This is a type of Orthopedic Bodywork that treats the underlying scar tissue below your skin all the way down to the deep fascia.

Deep scars can inhibit sports performance, muscle function and slow down your rehabilitation. Pain can linger, disappear, and pop-up years later.

Even scars that you got 30 years ago can cause dysfunction and keep causing you issues.

Hand and Feet Therapy:  Orthopedic Bodywork on the hands and feet can be life-changing! These are two separate services, either hands and arms or legs, and feet.

If you have ever experienced pain in your hands and feet, this service might be right for you. Here at Pain to Performance in Bellevue, we have helped many athletes and weekend warriors reclaim their performance and endurance through Orthopedic hand and foot therapy.

Our therapists focus on the flexors, extensors, pronators, supinators, the wrist, fingers, ankles, and toes.

Everything in the body is connected, so we also work on the opposing kinetic chain of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other body systems to enable your body to continue on the path of full healing.

Intraocular Therapy: Did you know that your eyes have muscles? Don’t worry. We are not going to massage your eyeball.

However, dysfunction of the muscles, nerves, and fascia around the eye could be causing you significant problems that could affect your vision, pain level, and performance. Interocular Therapy deals with intraocular eye muscles.

It has been shown that they can significantly affect muscle function throughout your body’s muscular system.

It is even possible to feel pain throughout your body, experience slower recovery and decreased sports performance due to eye muscles not functioning properly.

Concussion Therapy: Concussions are very serious. Our therapists know that any head or neck trauma needs to be dealt with extremely carefully. After all, we are talking about your head!

Orthopedic Concussion Therapy deals with treating all of the surrounding muscles involved after a concussion. Not only can the superficial neck muscles that you can touch be involved, but your eye muscles, along with the delicate hyoid muscles of your neck, can all play a role in the concussion.

Our therapists note all your symptoms and signs to help your recovery move along quickly and bring you relief. Unfortunately, concussions can cause you problems years after the original incident.

So, make sure to tell your therapist about any previous concussions.

Pre and Post Surgery Therapy: Orthopedic Bodywork is a great way to prepare your body for surgery and to take care of yourself after undergoing a procedure.

Our dedicated team of therapists in Bellevue uses several different bodywork styles and modalities to serve our clients best.

We believe in a whole-body approach and have found that it is important to look at all of the different body systems to ensure they function properly to allow your surgery to run smoother and bring you a faster recovery.

Pelvic Floor Therapy: Your pelvic floor is a huge contributor to intrabdominal pressure along with your other intrinsic core muscles, the spinal erectors, and the neck flexors.

Both men and women have pelvic floors, and they are a vital part of your system. Not only are they involved in intraabdominal pressure, but they can inhibit and facilitate the proper function of other muscles throughout your muscular system.

So, in other words, when your pelvic floor muscles are functioning correctly, you feel great. When they aren’t, you can experience incontinence, pain, and a host of other issues.

Pregnant women, especially, can be affected. Orthopedic Pelvic Floor Therapy can be a great option pre and postpartum.

Let’s talk about Kegels. Seriously, let’s talk. 

Unfortunately, poor advice is often given to do Kegels or anti-Kegels when it is absolutely not appropriate for your body.

Our highly trained therapists use a specialized system to test your pelvic floor’s quadrants to see if Kegels or anti Kegels are right for you.

Men and women can suffer from incontinence due to being told to do Kegels, thinking their pelvic floor was too tight, but it was the exact opposite of what they needed.

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