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PIP – Auto Injury Massage

PIP - Auto Accident Massage | Pain to Performance SolutionsPIP – Auto injury massage, have you recently been in a motor vehicle accident and suffered injuries? Whiplash, herniated disks are common injuries that can occur from a auto accident. With out addressing possible injuries and getting an auto injury massage, your injuries can surface six months after an accident. For healing to take place, it is very important that you start your auto injury massage therapy for the car accident as soon as possible. By quickly starting your auto injury massage treatment, your recovery time from your car accident will be reduced. If you do not seek care, minor car accidents can have a major impact on your health years later. Most of the time, an auto injury massage will alleviate and reduce the pain from accident injuries, and in some cases, it may even allow you to avoid surgery.

Fortunately, your auto insurance (personal injury protection) will cover your PIP – auto injury massages therapy visits, up to several times per week with a doctor’s prescription and or a referral.

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To Obtain Your Prescription For Medical Massage

You can and will need to obtain your prescription for medical massage from your:

  • Primary care doctor
  • Orthopedic doctor-surgeon
  • Urgent care doctor
  • Pain management doctor
  • Chiropractor
  • Physical Therapist

LEGALLY, you are ENTITLED to Medical Massage Therapy and to have it billed to your personal injury protection insurance (PIP).

The first steps to get started For a PIP Claim

  1. Make sure you have an open claim with your own insurance company. We must have a claim number with your own insurance not the other party. We do not accept 3rd party PIP.
  2. Visit your primary care doctor, orthopedic doctor-surgeon, urgent care doctor, pain management doctor, physical therapist or chiropractor.
  3. Have your injuries examined and diagnosed.
  4. Get the doctor to write you a prescription with the diagnosis, frequency (as to number of sessions per week/month) and duration of time (as to how long 12 months). Rx’s expire after 90 days per insurance, so you will have to go back to the Dr. for another one if more treatment is needed.
  5. Call our office and set up your appointments; we will need to do some prior verification with you auto insurance.
  6. Text, fax or e-mail your prescription to us prior with your online intake form.


We collect the fees from your PIP with your car insurance company. The only time you would be responsible for any fees is if you do not give cancellation and reschedule notice according to our company policy, and if there is any remaining balance for which we could not collect from your insurance company. You would be sent a bill, due payable within 30 days. We look forward to helping you recover and feel better.

Clinical Trials on Caring Touch as a Bodily Anchor for Patients After Sustaining a Motor Vehicle Accident.

Article on Massage Therapy for injuries from an auto accidents.

Automobile accidents and the use of massage therapy. We have not yet to date had a injured patients PIP deny any payments for the patients needed medical massage.

If you are needing a prescription form for services that will either be billed to your PIP insurance, here is a form to bring or email to your Doctor. They may require you to go in for an appointment for the Rx but if you have been in recently some may provide over the phone. The Rx can then be e-mailed or faxed back to our office.

Many Health Insurances will claim you can self refer but due to the fact that Massage Therapists can not diagnose, an Rx is needed. We must be sure it is medically necessary so that the insurance will not come back and deny payment which would cause you out of pocket expenses to us.

Benefits for massage therapy covered by health insurance is for rehabilitation massage only and not for maintenance or relaxation massage. Maintenance and relaxation massage is not covered by any health insurance as it is not medically necessary.

Prescription Form For Treatment