PIP – Auto Injury Massage Therapy

  • Better Recovery Time
  • Avoid Long Term Health Problems
  • Alleviate Pain Quickly
  • Possibly Avoid Surgery
Woman sitting in car in pain holder her neck.

PIP – Auto Injury Massage Therapy

  • Better Recovery Time
  • Avoid Long Term Health Problems
  • Alleviate Pain Quickly
  • Possibly Avoid Surgery

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What is PIP Auto Injury Massage?

After a car accident is can be overwhelming to try and figure out your next step. If you have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) on your car insurance policy, regardless of who is at fault for the accident, you can take a sigh of relief, because with PIP you are entitled to Medical Rehabilitation Massage.

With auto accidents even if you don’t feel any immediate extreme pain, it can resurface months later. That is why it is imperative to receive medical massage therapy as soon as possible.

For more information regarding the importance of massage after an injury, you can read the following articles:

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How to Obtain Your Prescription for Medical Massage

After a collision, talk to your Primary Care Doctor, Orthopedic Doctor-Surgeon, Urgent Care Doctor, Pain Management Doctor, Chiropractor, or Physical Therapist about getting #1 a diagnosis and #2 a prescription for rehabilitation massage therapy.

Remember that LEGALLY, you are ENTITLED to Medical Massage Therapy and to have it billed to your personal injury protection insurance (PIP).

When requesting a prescription from your doctor, make sure to ask about the frequency of massage, or how many times a week/month it should be performed, and duration (6 months, 12 months, etc.)

Don’t forget that prescriptions expire after 90 days, so you may need a new one if your treatment needs to be extended.

It is also important for your Doctor to understand that you wish to receive Rehabilitation Massage, not maintenance or relaxation massage, and note that in the prescription.

Make sure and provide us with your claim number from your insurance company along with your written diagnosis and prescription when scheduling your appointment.

We want to make sure that there is no out of pocket expense to you, so make sure to follow these steps closely.

Here is our prescription letter of referral form that you can download:

Prescription Form For Treatmenf

The First Steps to Get Started for a PIP Claim

  1. Make sure you have an open claim with your own insurance company. We must have a claim number with your own insurance, not the other party. We do not accept 3rd party PIP.
  2. Visit your primary care doctor, orthopedic doctor-surgeon, urgent care doctor, pain management doctor, physical therapist, or chiropractor.
  3. Have your injuries examined and diagnosed?
  4. Get the doctor to write you a prescription with the diagnosis, frequency (as to the number of sessions per week/month), and duration of time (as to how long 12 months). Rx’s expire after 90 days per insurance, so you will have to go back to the Dr. for another one if more treatment is needed.
  5. Call our office and set up your appointments; we will need to do some prior verification with your auto insurance.
  6. Text, fax, or e-mail your prescription to us prior to your online intake form.

Are you ready to start PIP Auto Insurance Massage Therapy?

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