Lymphatic Massage
for Plastic Surgery
Preparation and Recovery

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Lymphatic Massage
for Plastic Surgery
Preparation and Recovery

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If you’ve had or are about to undergo plastic surgery, you’re likely concerned about recovery time and getting the best results possible. 

That’s why Pain To Performance in Bellevue highly recommends Lymphatic Massage for both Pre and Post-Op. Our clients who have taken advantage of this service report remarkable results and recovery after engaging in a series of massage sessions.  

Lymphatic Massage results are especially noticeable after plastic surgeries such as facelifts, breast implants, liposuction, tummy tucks, Brazilian butt lifts and Lipedema. Your surgeon is likely to approve this specialized type of massage to increase blood flow and healing and reduce lymph fluids’ build-up and storage. 

Pre surgery the normal flow of lymph fluid filtered through the lymph system is 2-4 liters a day. With a lymphatic drainage massage the volumne of flow can be increase to 20x. Post surgery there will be an significant increase of fluid production, and why is is so important to to incorperate manual lymphatic drainage with a licensed and skilled certified lymphatic specialist.

  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Reduce selling and bruising
  • Increase movement and mobility
  • Prevent scar tissue build up
  • Enhance long term healing
  • Provide pain relief

How does Lymphatic Massage work?

Lymphatic Massage therapy uses very light pressure to encourage drainage of the lymph fluid that accumulates after trauma to the lymphatic system, which occurs after a surgical procedure.

The therapist sends leaked lymphatic fluid toward nearby lymph nodes through a series of gentle, rhythmic movements that follow the lymph flow direction. Thereafter, the nodes empty it into the bloodstream. 

What do Plastic Surgeons say about the benefits of Lymphatic Massage after surgery?

Dr. Laurie Casas, a plastic surgeon in Glenview, Illinois, has made Lymphatic Massage a requirement for post-op recovery for every surgical procedure.  In her 35-year practice, she has seen a dramatic improvement in swelling on a facelift patient who had Lymphatic Massage therapy only on one side of her face.

After several sessions, “the treated side looked like it was six to eight weeks post-op, and the other side looked like it was two weeks post-op,” says Dr. Casas. 

She published results of an observational split-body study that found that patients who had Lymphatic Massage therapy after 13 different cosmetic surgery procedures completely healed within 6–12 weeks, compared to 9–18 months for patients who didn’t receive massages. 

In addition to reducing swelling, Dr. Casas says that MLD therapy helps reduce fibrosis, the lumps, and bumps that may occur under the skin a couple of weeks after surgery. 

“The mediators of swelling send signals to your inflammatory system to begin depositing disorganized collagen, so around 14–21 days, you start to get stiff tissues,” she explains. “When you get rid of the swelling, you bypass that phase.”

Lymphatic Massage may also reduce your risk of seroma (fluid collection), which can cause an irregularity in your final result if not recognized and treated, says Dr. John Millard, a plastic surgeon in Lone Tree, Colorado.

The benefits of Lymphatic Massage can also go beyond the physical. “Besides helping patients with post-operative swelling, it feels good,” says Dr. Meghan McGovern, a plastic surgeon in Savannah. 

El Paso, Texas, plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Agullo concurs. “I used compression garments only for many years. After starting lymphatic drainage massage in my patients, I noticed that the swelling goes down quicker, there is less modularity or scar tissue, and patients feel good after it,” he says.

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"..dramatic improvement in swelling on a facelift patient who had Lymphatic Massage therapy.."

How can Pain to Performance help?

At Pain To Performance in Bellevue, our specialists have trained in several methodologies to help you heal quickly from surgery, including Lymphatic Drainage Massage. We have helped patients to recover from a variety of procedures, from plastic surgery to cancer treatments. 

There are also several other types of treatment that we can incorporate to make your recovery as comfortable and successful as possible. Along with Lymphatic Massage, we highly recommend Myofascial Release, Cupping, and Scar Tissue Release.  

Additionally, we have several tools to help assist in lymph drainage, depending on our client’s needs. We frequently utilize infrared therapy, pulsed magnetic therapy, red light therapy, color light treatments, Kinesio Tape, MLD style cupping, IASTM, and light vibration therapy. 

The mind-body connection is crucial in healing. That is why we also specialize in massage that treats surgery’s emotional effects, both Pre and Post-Op. 

Depending on your procedures, we usually recommend anywhere from 2-4 weeks of massage with 2-3 sessions a week before your surgery and then two weeks of post-op massage with 2-3 sessions a week to see excellent results.  

We understand that it can feel overwhelming to make important decisions about your body. That’s why we work individually with all of our clients to give them the personal attention they deserve. 

About our Lymphatic Massage Practitioner

Alexis Kurtzman is an LMT NKT (Level 3) MMP (Intraoral Endorsement) CES CPT RYT200.  She has been a bodyworker since 2009 and has dedicated her practice to bringing you an innovative massage that heals the whole YOU. 

In 2014 she decided to start studying the intense field of neurological bodywork. Alexis took all levels of NKT over a two-year period, which goes after the root cause for resolving the dysfunction in the body instead of masking it. She quickly integrated NKT with existing methods of Neuro Bodywork for maximum effective corrections. 

In 2019, she began using state-of-the-art technology and methods along with certified personal training, corrective exercise, yoga therapy, weight loss, infrared imaging, and Posturology to integrate with Neuro based bodywork for maximum effective results that last.  

Alexis consistently pursues research in advanced evidenced-based integrative massage-bodywork therapy for you. Every day, she is in a constant quest to learn the latest advancements in neurological-based bodywork, additional knowledge, and new skills to help you achieve healthy muscle tissue and body balance. 

Get Started with Lymphatic Massage Therapy

We understand that having plastic surgery is a big decision.  Whether it’s a simple liposuction procedure, reduction/enlargement, lift, tuck, or even a lumpectomy, you can be confident we’ll help you through your recovery with our Lymphatic Massage therapy.  

As we are booked out for several weeks, we strongly recommend planning and booking your healing massage treatments as soon as you have a surgery date. We look forward to working with you to get the best results possible from your procedure and look and feel great! 

Are you ready to start Lymphatic Massage Therapy?

Pain to Performance is ready to help you feel better fast. All you need to do is call or click to book a session. Don’t wait to feel better, start today!