Pre-visit Forms

Pre-Visit Forms are online for your convenience. It is fast, easy, secure, encrypted, HIPAA compliant, and works from all devices. Please fill out as much as you can of the health history that applies to you. We request that you submit the form a minimum of 24-48 hours before your scheduled visit. This allows us ample time to review and plan for your session and get back to you if we have any questions. Once you fill out the form, press the submit button, and we will receive it right away.

New Client Health History Form

If you do not have devices, do not understand how to fill out an online form, or have trouble with it;  please contact us to assist you.


PTPS Parental Consent Form

PTPS Regular Prescription Form

COVID-19 Notice

We are an essential health care provider in Washington State and are legally open and following all government mandates for cleaning, disinfecting, sanitation and PPE for increased protection against the virus and the spread of the virus.

If you’re ready to get on the path to feeling better in a safe and clean environment, contact us today. We are taking new clients and look forward to helping you live pain free.