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Touch For Health

Touch For Health  (TFH) is a specialized kinesiology modality. It uses a holistic approach to balance your systems and increase the bodies ability to heal naturally. It stems from a Western Chiropractic approach and uses Eastern Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts to activate the body’s natural healing capacities for balance. In Touch For Health the goal is to balance the body systems via the meridians, using manual muscles testing to differentiate what the body most needs. Via either spinal reflex points, neurolymphatic points, neurovascular points, meridians, acupuncture holding points, emotional stress release and  goal setting  the body  through the manual muscles test will tell us what it most needs.

  • Muscle Testing
  • Acupressure Touch
  • Energy Balancing
  • Goal Setting
  • Creative Visualization

Touch For Health has been proven effective and beneficial for:

  • Release of Mental and Emotional Stress
  • Better Health and Well Being
  • Relieves Aches, Pain, Soreness and Dysfunction (Headaches, Backaches, Stomach Aches and More)
  • Improves Muscle Function, Brain and Immune System
  • Accelerates Rehabilitation for Injury, Surgery and Illness
  • Improved Performance for Work, School and Sports
  • Identify Positive and Negative Foods
  • Create Healthier Relationships
  • Increases the Ability to Heal Naturally

In addition it has the ability to help create awareness for goals, positive change, improve energy and  increase vitality.

Type of Clients who Benefit from a Touch For Health

A wide variety of patients experience relief from Touch For Health. Listed below are the ones that it would be most appropriate for:

  • Seniors, Babies, Kids, Teenagers, Adults and animals
  • Pro and amateur athletes, Weekend Warriors, Hikers, Runners, Skiers and Snowboarders
  • Pain, Soreness, Sports Performance
  • Maintenance treatment
  • Extremely stressed out, Mental and Emotional baggage
  • Pre and Post Surgery, Hospitalized, in a Wheel Chair
  • Surrogate can be used for patients who are unable to function well or unconscious

More Touch For Health Benefits

  • Increased local circulation and venous blood flow
  • Improves Lymph flow and Oxygen
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Reduced heart rate

Touch For Health Creators

The Touch for Health protocol was originally developed from applied Kinesiology techniques developed by a chiropractor name George Goodheart in 1964 and years later made available to the masses through Dr John Thie in 1970 to what we know today as Touch For Health which is a specialized for of Kinesiology,

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