Trail Riding

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Trail Riding Location

Trail Riding every year in September; trail riders from Houston, Tx and around the country gather near Hermit Peak, NM for a private 3 day trail ride. This is an incredible wilderness experience put on by a private country club in Texas. Members are given special invites to attend. Trail riders live for 3 days with no electricity and are disconnected from the real world. The owners have built special bathrooms with showers, cooking area, bar and more that allows for a real cowboy-cowgirl experience in a more glamping style. The ranch is over 13,00 acres with an amazing beautiful New Mexican landscape to soak up. The ranch is approximately 7,800 in elevation with many areas to trail ride and plenty of live cattle to see. Numerous Pinon trees grow wild here.

Trail Riding | Hermit Peak

Trail Riders Living Quarters

When the trail riders arrive in Albuquerque or Santa Fe, they drive North East for either one to two hours until they come to a highway road that splits to take you into the wilderness. Once they arrive at the ranch, their luggage is taken to their assigned tepee that they share with another rider. If you are one of the lucky VIP you get to stay in the bunkhouse with the owner. Although some who have been invited to the bunkhouse prefer the tepee under the stars with a view of the Milky Way at night. The 1st day usually everyone just gets set up, organized and starts to socialize for riding the next day, except the woman, they saddle up and start riding the same day they arrive.

Teepees for Trail Riders
Sweat Lodge for Trail Riders

Trail Riders Manual Movement Therapist

One of the fringe benefits of the ride is a therapist is brought in every year to provide bodywork. Can you image being on a horse all day, the pain you feel in your butt, knees and ankles can be debilitating to many who are weekend warrior riders. Pain management, rehabilitation and improved sports performance is offered so the rider can get back onto the horse the next day and feel great. The therapist who comes out has done this 5 times for the men and 3 times for the woman. Alexis is an advance neurological based bodyworker who specializes in manual movement therapy. Her clinic is located in Bellevue, WA and is available for outings like this. She has worked for others locally and out of town and is a wiz at handling everything with no electricity nor technology.

Cowgirl Alexis Kurtzman
New Mexico Bodywork tent for trail riders
New Mexico Bodywork tent for trail riders

Trail Riders Chef and Support Chefs

One thing for sure is if you are one of the lucky ones to attend this trail ride, you will eat very well. The chef who is flown in; is well known in Houston and in Aspen and provides gourmet cowboy food. We eat steak, lobster, lamb, pork chops, lots of bacon, grits, tamales and much more. I think I gain ten pounds every year while attending.

Chefs on the trail ride

Other Images from the Ranch

Musicians for the trail Riders
Bulls crossing the ranch