Workout Tips During Cold Weather 

If your job and other responsibilities didn’t make it difficult enough to get a workout in, the cold weather tends to make it seem even harder. Working out and adding physical activity to your daily regimen doesn’t have to be that complicated or daunting. Instead, get creative and explore ways to work out from home and even in the cold!

Where to Begin

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You can learn to implement useful and functional movement at home without the need for clunky machines or expensive equipment. Functional movements help increase mobility and strength, while focusing on the body’s natural biomechanics.

Functional movements tend to focus on engaging several muscle groups or the entire body instead of isolating muscles for a workout. This helps the body’s overall capacity to perform in various situations. These movements include:

According to fitness professionals, it is important to consider your goals and the kind of training experience you have. Using online resources can be a good way to learn proper form and technique depending on your goals. Buzzfeed lists several total-body workouts using variations of the above movements that can get you started.

Building a Home Gym 

If you are not a member of a gym here are some workout tips for cold weather and setting up your own home gym. Setting up your own gym can be a great way to maintain consistency and inspiration to work out. A home gym is a cost-effective way to stay fit and adds convenience for people on the go. When building your own gym, Lifehacker suggests setting up your own room in the house or at the very least a designated corner where you are free of clutter or distractions. Fix it up in a way that motivates you to use it. The kind of equipment you add depends on what your goals are. Some common and useful home equipment includes:

Facing the Cold

If it is not already hard enough to follow workout tips during cold weather; while the cold might steal some of your motivation to go outside, toughing it out can actually have plenty of benefits. Building a home gym can help you get some exercise indoors, but adding an outdoor component to can turn out to be a good experience. Huffington Post reports on seven benefits of exercising in the cold weather. Some of these include:

Don’t be deterred by winter. Stay active and up your energy by working out at home or in the elements and maintaining your motivation year-round. You don’t need fancy equipment or expensive gym memberships. Consider your own home gym to get started on your way to a healthier, more active lifestyle.

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