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Welcome to Pain to Performance Solutions.  Time to get your athletic shoes on and moving again.

PTPS is an integrated manual and movement therapy clinic for Pain Management, Injury Resolution, and Improved Sports Performance in Bellevue, WA.


The Reality of Pain, Injuries and Sports Performance

Everyone wants a quick fix, it’s the day of instant satisfaction. Is that realistic? The reality is, our bodies are interconnected biochemically, bio-mechanically and biopsychosocially. If it was that easy to resolve these issues, everyone would be doing it and nobody would be in pain. There is a lot that goes into providing lasting relief and improvements to symptomatic ailments. Becoming a detective and thinking outside the box from traditional bodywork that only treats the symptom is the first start. Have you been to many places? Are you getting the pain and performance relief that you want? Do you have unresolved injuries? Are these symptoms subacute, acute or chronic? Let’s talk about this, we can go really in depth to what could be the root cause of the symptom.

PTPS provides pain to performance solutions to your ailments and can bring you relief. Realistic expectations are extremely important for proper improvements and lasting results. Consequently; once you’re feeling the pain and lack of performance, it takes a reasonable amount of time to resolve. The dysfunction has been stored in the motor control now for 10 years regardless if it is pain, injuries, sports performance and much more.  The dysfunction may have accumulated locally or globally throughout your body-systems inhibiting proper function causing pain, poor injury recovery, decreased sports performance, weakness, lack of flexibility, poor range of motion and decreased mobility. It takes a reasonable amount of time and commitment to re-educate the problem.

How PTPS Differs

Here is where I am different, I test I don’t guess. I integrate several neuro-based bodywork modalities with neurological based testing techniques and state of the art strategies. I use assessments to show you the difference between your initial session and after. Depending on your dysfunction, we provide a realistic time frame for short- and long-term goals. Therefore, as a result; when the neurological based program is followed properly the  relief is quick, long lasting and often permanent.

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